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June 30, 2015 - Hail to the King!

May 9th 2014 started like any other day.  Had some tea and toast and then my mum died.  That night, two guys we’d never met arrived on the Isle of Man to record an album and stay in our house.

Yeh.  Normal day.  It’s fair to say that was a weird weekend, but we pushed through and got an album recorded.

And here it is.  It’s taken a year but we’ve finished it.  It’s called “Emperor” and it’s by self-proclaimed “Liberal Totalitarians” Vukovar.  Dan Shea and Rick Clarke (for it is they) were formerly members of The Longdrone Flowers, whose “She’s Strangehead Too” ep we released a couple of years back and Dan continues to be a member of SBR mainstays The Bordellos (not to mention recording solo as Neurotic Wreck, whose “Sandalfon” album we’ll be releasing later this year). The album was recorded largely by the estimable and indispensible Daniel Ankers, and extra musical muscle was provided by Jonny Peacock on drums and Mikie Daugherty (both out of off of Postcode).  Jonny managed to complete all his drum tracks in a single day despite never having heard any of the songs before, while Mikie did the same with his bass and guitar tracks.  Extra vocals were provided by Marie Reynolds (again, out of off of Postcode) and Mark Sayle, who narrates the closing track “The Staircase”.

Over the next year, Daniel and myself mixed, edited, added, subtracted and generally buffed up to a pristine sheen the 11 tracks.  Then we were finished.

And here it is.

I’d be proud of this record if it had been recorded in the sunniest of circumstances, but when I think of the times we did achieve it in, I’m frankly amazed. It’s available in the Bearshop as per and the CD version is, quite frankly, stunning.

“Emperor” by Vukovar



October 27, 2013 - Drones – not…er…drones

We gots a newie!  This time it’s the turn of Wigan-based cosmodelicists (is that a thing?) The Longdrone Flowers.  We’re more than a bit chuffed to release their new EP “She’s Strangehead Too”.  In its digital keks, it’s a 3-track (plus one extra) extravaganza of fuzztoned delirium and primal Moe Tucker slugging.  Fragmentary vocals appearing and disappearing into the murk of spindly, incessant riffing.  As uncompromising as anything you’ll hear this (or next) year, it’ll pull you in and grow and grow on you and in you.

The CD release comes in a beautiful, handmade and printed recycled card sleeve with art conceptualified by the enigmatic visual philosopher Venison Lamprey and features as a bonus, the band’s previous EP – the garage fuzz opus “Cesare Runs Away”.  Don’t say we never give you anything.

“She’s Strangehead Too” is available in our SHOP.


September 25, 2013 -

Rick Antonsson made a handful of albums throughout 2011 & 2012 with various collaborators under the name ‘The Longdrone Flowers’. During those couple of years, they experimented heavily with a plethora of different influences to varying degrees of success. It was an unfocused, messy affair but it gained a loyal – albeit small – following.

After learning his trade in this wilderness, Rick brought together an impressive array of leftfield musicians from St Helens in January 2013. The work has been hard, the dedication uncompromising, and although only Dan Shea of Bordellos and Neurotic Wreck fame has been the only other permanent fixture, the consistency has been remarkable.

With a tendency to improvise, deal in noise and experiment on stage, a lot of live shows have ended in chaos, be that walk-outs or fistfights. But the music stands up for itself. Focused yet spontaneous, carefully crafted but wild and unrestrained, The Longdrone Flowers take a thousand different ideas – with a caustic sense of humour, dark sarcasm and relentless distaste for the mediocre – and combine it all to make something they like to call ‘Noise-Pop’.

Their first release for SBR is to be 2013′s “She’s Strangehead Too” e.p.

September 3, 2013 - All the fun of the living room….

If you go to here, you can see our very own Veto playing a stripped-down version of the devotional epic “My Heart To Joy”, featured in its original form on their debut ep “Broadway“, available as a digital download or beautiful 12″ white vinyl ep in our shop, here.  the video also features some stellar Casio-and-drum work from our very own Phil (of Dearly Departed fame).

So, what else have we got for you?

Well, October should see our debut release from the very wonderful Longdrone Flowers (featuring Dan from The Bordellos) which we’re looking forward to.  They’re not keen on the word “psychedelic” as a descriptor, but we’d beg to differ…

Work is also still progressing on Clara Barker‘s sophomore album (her first with us, following her gorgeous debut “Indigo“) which we’re hoping to have out before the end of the year, as it is on The Bordellos‘ magnificent and unhinged “Will.I.am you’re really nothing” set.  More berserkoid St Helens lunacy for sure.  8 to Infinity‘s first SBR release is pretty close to completion, too – glorious, glossy synthpop with one eye on Eurovision (seriously!).

And that’s not all.  Keep yr eyes peeled for our inevitable Christmas album (last year’s is here and free!) and many more SBR goodies, and keep checking our very own YouTube channel for more Small Bear Session footage and Promo videos.

Finally, all of us at SBR send our condolences and biggest hugs to Postcode’s newest member Kieran Ball, who lost his mum last week after a battle with cancer.  We’re all thinking of you, fella.


January 11, 2012 - Artists

Click on the artists’ names to be magically transported to their own secret interweb hidey-hole or go HERE to see what they look like, on our very own Youtube channel

Matt Bouvier

Dog, paper, submarine