Edinburgh Popfest
Matt Bouvier

Matt Bouvier has been playing with several indie-pop acts such as Stars in Coma and Lost Summer Kitten since 2006, and is currently touring with the new lineup of indie luminaries The Flatmates.

In the summer of 2011 Matilda Hjärtstam of Lost Summer Kitten arranged a street music festival and booked Matt Bouvier, who had previously never played a single solo gig. The experience led him to write more songs and in April of 2012 he released a DIY record featuring his own songs and a cover of Stars in Coma’s “death & hope”, that also gave the name to the record. The music was simple pop melodies coupled with dark lyrical themes like death and heartbreak.

At a gig in London in September of 2012 he was opening for SBR’s very own Postcode. The temporary bass-player in the band, Phil Reynolds, was just starting Small Bear Records and wondered if Matt was interested in releasing something on their label. This led to the recording of “death & love”, which features a much more complex orchestration and a more electronic sound. This time Matt found his main inspiration in Marillion, Stars in Coma, Henric de la Cour and Victoria & Jacob. Again it features only dark themes such as cancer and miscarriage. The record is co-produced, mixed and mastered by Stars in Coma and it’s recorded in England (guitars, keyboards, bass & drums), Sweden (vocals) and Norway (lead guitars & additional drums). “death & love” features Caroline Honour (A Fine Day For Sailing/Chorusgirl) on violin and Stars in Coma on additional guitars.

There’s much more to add to the story of Matt, starting with the very fine Lovebomb.  We’ll be updating stuff soon!