Edinburgh Popfest
Kelly Mercer

Kelly’s gonna supply us with some stuff about herself to put in here soon, but in the interim, here are ten interesting facts about Mexico:

1. There are more Spanish speakers in Mexico than in any other country.

2. China and Germany are the only countries that export more honey than Mexico.

3. The town of Oaxaca, Mexico, has a festival every December to celebrate radishes.

4. In 2008 the Mexican city of Torreon imposed fines of up to 346 pesos (£20) for putting on make-up or shaving with an electric razor while driving.

5. A donkey was jailed in Mexico for assault and battery in 2008 after it bit and kicked two men.

6. According to UN crime statistics there were 27,119 intentional homicides in Mexico in 2011.

7. Around 1,000 people die from scorpion stings every year in Mexico.

8. Mexico won three bronze, three silver and one gold medal (for football) at London 2012, its best Olympics apart from Mexico City 1968, where the home country won nine medals.

9. Under Mexican federal law, the minimum age of consent for sexual activity is 12 but individual states vary from 12 to 15.

10. Tequila, Tabasco and the Chihuahua dog are all named after places in Mexico.