Edinburgh Popfest

Rick Antonsson made a handful of albums throughout 2011 & 2012 with various collaborators under the name ‘The Longdrone Flowers’. During those couple of years, they experimented heavily with a plethora of different influences to varying degrees of success. It was an unfocused, messy affair but it gained a loyal – albeit small – following.

After learning his trade in this wilderness, Rick brought together an impressive array of leftfield musicians from St Helens in January 2013. The work has been hard, the dedication uncompromising, and although only Dan Shea of Bordellos and Neurotic Wreck fame has been the only other permanent fixture, the consistency has been remarkable.

With a tendency to improvise, deal in noise and experiment on stage, a lot of live shows have ended in chaos, be that walk-outs or fistfights. But the music stands up for itself. Focused yet spontaneous, carefully crafted but wild and unrestrained, The Longdrone Flowers take a thousand different ideas – with a caustic sense of humour, dark sarcasm and relentless distaste for the mediocre – and combine it all to make something they like to call ‘Noise-Pop’.

Their first release for SBR is to be 2013′s “She’s Strangehead Too” e.p.