Edinburgh Popfest
8 to Infinity

Eight to Infinity is an adventure in modern music. Formed by Arron and Alistair in 1986 to settle a school yard argument regarding the most efficient shift registers in Z80A/6502A assembler design, both parties where aghast when their first piece of electronic music made on their homemade sequencers and computers got them a contract with BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Having written music for BBC radio 1 and 4, exhausted, we took a break from music to do our school exams.

While at university we caught up to write for Wolverhampton Contemporary Dance group, Build some new synthesis technology and get qualified in computing and music respectively. Exhausted and hungover, we took another break.

In 2002 we signed to several US labels, releasing an number of highly acclaimed singles in the including “Say You’ll Come” which was used to advertise Abercrombie and Fitch in the US. Sophie and Val Joined us to complete the album “Aether” on Section 44 records compiling the singles up to that point with some new material. Our studio on Market Street was very cold, and after this intense period of work, we were cold, hungover and exhausted and a break was in order.

During the next period of activity, we produced and co-wrote for the Garland Cult’s debut album, “Protect Yourself From Hollywood” and worked on records with Heaven 17 (“I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love with Me”) and Erasure (“Be With You”). With the departure of Sophie and Val, we were left lonely, cold, hungover and exhausted, so we took some time off to recharge our cellphones.

A good cause woke us from our slumber in 2012 to complete a cover of fellow Maida Vale Manx contemporaries and John Peel favourites Colon’s “C E Slab” and also saw us complete the festive “Christmas:Single” which we had knocking round for years in various forms for Small Bear Records. We also made our first Video.

The future is never certain, but with three bars of charge showing on our mobiles, and half a bottle of Gin, 2013 saw the release of the limited edition BetaMax Video Single “Skyfaliing”, as a taster for our new Digital EP, which we hope will contain the Isle of Man’s first Eurovision entry “Bliss Zone”.

Coming soon on SBR.