Edinburgh Popfest
Veto are a band who despite being from the Isle of Man are all filthy come-overs.   They [should I speak here in third person?  Flip it, i'm going to - I don't care how pretentious it sounds - JP] consist of:  Simon Densham – Drums,  Paul Nicholson – Bass/Vocals,  Mariel Norton – Vocals/Tamborine and  Jon Price [me!]- Guitar/Vocals.

Veto formed through a series of accidents – Jon didn’t like Simon at first and unintentionally grew to love him, Paul joined as a result of an advert on a Manx Musicians group and Maz joined as a result of working with Jon and Simon’s flatmate, Graeme, which then required a lot of booze and convincing to get her to join.  Even the signing up to Small Bear was an accident, which happened when Phil (of Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed fame) and Jon chatted for the first time at the  closing night of [local and much-missed Douglas venue] The Clarendon.

So in quite a weird way, there’s always been a bit of tension between allowing things to be without intending them and things beginning where there have also been endings.

The songs are best described as being atmospheric indie pop rock.  A gritty version of Death Cab for Cutie but tamer than Manchester Orchestra and a spacey version of Pedro the Lion’s David Bazan.

Broadway, the debut mini-LP from the band, has already been praised as being “dreamy, anthemic, intelligent” and “…among the best I’ve heard all year, reminiscent of the best of the likes of Arcade Fire and Doves.” and is available as a rather fetching 12″ white vinyl disc.

Recommended if you like music.


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