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The Bordellos

The Bordellos are an English band based in Merseyside. When they first formed in 2004, they were:

The core of the songs were written by Brian Shea with contributions musically from Parr, Oates and Storey. In 2005, Oates and Parr left around the time their first releases were made, with “Prince of Discontent” featured on an Upcoming Bands compilation album, and their debut single, “Scream”, released in a download only format. Mike Simm left the band in December of the same year to pursue interests in ska music.

In April 2006, “Arthur Lee” (a tribute to the Love frontman of the same name) was released, as a spilt single with a Perfect Blue track. This was released around the same time as their debut albumSongs For Swinging Stalkers, at first a download only LP but later released in March on CD from Brutarian Records.

In April 2007, their second album Meet The Bordellos was released, formed from material recorded with the original core line-up, and also as a three piece on four tracks. Around this time Brian Shea’s son, Dan, joined the band on keyboards and additional percussion. The Glorybound EP was released on Northern Star in November 2007. The band’s line-up as of 2008 is:

The band’s three singers are all related, with Antony the brother of Brian, and also Dan’s uncle. They are certainly an unusual band, thirty years in age separating the oldest member from the youngest. Their third album, ‘Debt Sounds’, was mooted to be released through their own record label, Debt Sounds, but the budget was lacking to do this. This album’s availability is currently limited to the St Helens independent record shop Kaleidoscope, direct request via Myspace, and a few tracks uploaded by Brian Shea onto Last FM. In early 2009, Gary Storey left to pursue a new musical direction with his brother Terrence. He has since been replaced.

In 2011 the band released a version of Bo Diddley’s I’m A Man, on an EP entitled The Annual on Fruits Der Mer records, split across two 7 inch singles. A free Bandcamp release “It’s Lo Fi! Folk Off!” also appeared at the end of the year.

In 2012, they hooked up with SBR to release the ‘Bring me the head of Justin Bieber‘ ep a whirlwind of scabrous noise, the release met with some acclaim, and was followed in 2013 by the release of their full-length ‘Ronco Revival Sound‘ LP on Daddy Tank records.  The band have also contributed tracks to both SBR Christmas albums and May 31 2014 sees the simultaneous release of the full-length “will.i.am., you really are nothing” LP (mixed by Phil Reynolds) and the “Extra Smooth” ep.