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Postcode – erm, something about Zebras…

Postcode began life when Marie Reynolds asked Mikie Daugherty to write songs with her in early 2005. Two songs were written but lost, before they began work on what would become ‘Zebracore’ in the autumn of that year. Busy with their other bands at the time, it wasn’t until the beginning of 2007 that the album was complete. At that point, also coinciding with the demise of Mikie’s other groups, it was decided to bring in other musicians to play live and Postcode became an actual band with Mike Flood on drums, Christian Daugherty on bass and Andy “Gifted” Clarke on second guitar, Mike being later replaced by Martin Rigby (who joined and learned our set with three days’ notice prior to our first off-Island gig, in Liverpool’s Cavern Club!).

Andy moved back to England in August 2007 and the remaining four members of the band wrote and recorded the second album ‘Zebraland’, which was released in September 2008, following ‘The Post-Zebracore E.P’ which came out on Filthy Little Angels Records earlier that year. FLA also featured Postcode on two Christmas albums and their 2010 Pavement tribute album.

Christian’s departure in 2009 deeply affected the band, causing the next album to be an acoustic affair, consisting of stripped down versions of older material and several new songs by the duo of Mikie and Marie.

Longtime band friend and fell-runner Steve Halsall joined the band as bassist in 2011 and apart from a few local gigs and a small tour of Germany and the UK in 2012 we’ve been rather quiet of late, but with new guitarist, smooth mover and ukulele ace Kieran Ball, who joined the band in June 2013 and new drummer Mombo the Mystery Boy, we hope to gig more and finally get our third album recorded and released.

Over the years Postcode have played with the likes of Goldblade, Darren Hayman, Zombina And The Skeletones, the UK Subs and Mr John Smiley and now with Kieran and Mombo on board, they’re ready to bring more Zebracore to the world!

Until then, we’ve released the Zebranthology, a 2-disc, 46-track lovingly remastered set revisiting Postcode’s early back catalogue, previously only available as home-made  limited-run CDRs.  This time, it’s on properly glass-mastered CDs with full-colour artwork and copious sleevenotes from Mikie out of off of Postcode.  We’ve also released an expanded edition of our Zebracore Revisited E.P. and our very well-reviewed ZebrATP E.P.both on Small Bear.