Edinburgh Popfest

A bear (small) had an idea (big). “What”, he thought in his little furry brain “is there to stop a bear (small) from running an independent record label (also small) dedicated to releasing music made by the big people he looks after?”.

Beacause he’s a bear, and bears are good about that sort of thing, he decided that all our download-only releases wouldn’t have a fixed price – you pay what you choose.  Physical releases have prices, but that’s only because it costs us to make them.

So he did. Even a bear (small) has contacts, and these he exploited to the full, resulting in the website you’re currently perusing. Obviously, he still needs a little help from time-to-time – there will always be many demands on a small bear’s time (chief amongst which are sleeping and providing wolf-prevention services) – but hopefully his furry vision will continue to grow.  Here’s to Ursa Major!

There’s a blog over HERE for them as wants it, and a shop HERE for the buying of stuff.

We’ve also got a YouTube channel, HERE 

And here’s the humans…

Phil Reynolds

Marie Reynolds

Kelly Mercer

Mikie Daugherty


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