Edinburgh Popfest
March 2, 2018 - It’s been a long year already…

…since we released ‘White Claw‘ by Phil Reynolds and the Uncertain Futures.  To some pretty decent reviews, as it happens.  Which was nice.  Apart from tat, we’ve kinda dropped the ball a bit, which wasn’t fair on anybody.  All we can do is sincerely apologise to anybody we’ve pissed off.  This year we’re gonna be back and better.  We’ve already released, so far in 2018, Nanaki’s ‘Epilogue’ album, Circus worlD’s ‘The Deciever’ E.P., (which features this track, ‘High’, as the lead single),  Matt Kelly’s sophomore album, ‘Time For Matt Kelly’ and today sees the release of a new single by Phil Reynolds and (this time) The Big Day Out.  A driven slab of indiepoprock called “When It Hits“.

There’s loads more to come, including a lot more of our patented Small Bear Sessions (THIS sort of thing…), not to mention the release of The Bordellos’ third L.P. with us, ‘Debt Sounds’, which is out in a couple of weeks.  Keep yr eyes peeled.  We’re back and promise that we want to be better than ever!

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