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June 14, 2017 - Been a while, hasn’t it?

Jeez.  Didn’t realise just how long. Sorry about that.  How’ve you been? How’s wossname?  You know – the one with the face?  Did you get that weird smell from under the sink sorted?  Anyhoo, here we are.  Been a weird wee while here at SBR towers.  To be honest, six months ago, we were seriously considering jacking the whole thing in, because there’s only so much pissing-in-the-wind a person can do before they go mad. We’ve been working with all these amazing bands and musicians – they’ve entrusted their art to us – and for what?  Some great reviews, sure, but bugger-all else.  We think every one of them should be headlining Glastonbury , receiving seven figure advances and collaborating with Kanye, so when we see anything less happening then it’s fucking heartbreaking.  Just looking back at this page, we didn’t even bother announcing the EP Phil Reynolds released on his 50th birthday (depressing, eh?  But at least it, raised a nice bit of money for the very wonderful folks at Refugee Action check ‘em out; donate).

But enough of our crisis of millennial confidence.  We’re back.  And we’re back in the bestest of ways.  Back with Dog Papaer SubmarineYou know – and ew know – that they’re awesome.  So go and listen.  Posthuman melodies is their fourth time working with us at SBR and, in our humble opinion, it’s their best record yet.  According To Martin Mansion Sjostrand, it’s a futuristic rock opera, recorded on a cassette portastudio.  Seems concepts are big at SBR this year.  But you NEED NEED NEED to hear this.  It’s fantastic.  And, quite frankly, considering it was recorded on a Portastudio, it sounds amazing.  Which would count for sod all if the songs weren’t good.  But Jeez, they are.
So, Posthuman Melodies by Dog Paper Submarine.  Go gettit!

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