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April 5, 2016 - My foot ‘urts…

…nowt to do wi’ releases, but it does.  The perils of middle-age.  Anyhoo.  If my Darling Clementine’s miner was a 49′er, then this is our equivalent (what the hell are you blathering on about – ed).

Let me explain…

we get – even as a tiny label – a lot of A&R submissions.  Some are awful, some need a bigger label and some just aren’t right for us.  But we check ‘em all out.  Because if we didn’t we’d miss things like this.  A couple of months ago, an email dropped into our inbox from Istanbul.  ”Crikey”, we thought.  ”That’s a proper foreign land – Holy Roman Empire and all that.  Wonder what it’s all about?”

Turned out to be from a husband-and-wife team going by the name Reptilians From Andromeda.  And we loved it.  So here – for the TL;DR types amongst you  - is our 49th release.  Available from the Bearshop, as per, laydeez an’ gennulmen, we give you our 49th release…

Sonic Rabbit Hole by Reptilians From Andromeda

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