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November 13, 2015 - Kassette for the Kids…

On 24th November, we’re releasing one of our most ambitious projects yet.  A limited-edition split cassette from New Jersey’s Schizo Fun Addict and St Helens’ Bordellos – hand-stamped, numbered and hand-decorated by Jet and Sister Jayne from SFA and featuring as part of the artwork sections of a numbered John Squire lithograph.  We’re also hooking up with the amazing psychedelic gurus at Fruits De Mer Records who are providing a strictly one-time-only CD version of their festive split from Ex Norwegian/Permanent Clear Light.  The only other way of getting this is as a lathe-cut 7″, only available to FDM Members’ Club members.  Rarer than rare, is what I’m saying.

The package also includes  SBR releases from Phil Reynolds & The Dearly Departed, Postcode and Clara Barker.

Why all the goodies, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell ya…

It’s Christmas, and all proceeds (apart from postage costs) are going to Save The Children.  Once the 100 cassette/CD packages are sold out, every penny made on digital downloads will be going to STC for ever.

Keep yr eyes open.  We’ll have full details available from the start of next week!

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