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May 9th 2014 started like any other day.  Had some tea and toast and then my mum died.  That night, two guys we’d never met arrived on the Isle of Man to record an album and stay in our house.

Yeh.  Normal day.  It’s fair to say that was a weird weekend, but we pushed through and got an album recorded.

And here it is.  It’s taken a year but we’ve finished it.  It’s called “Emperor” and it’s by self-proclaimed “Liberal Totalitarians” Vukovar.  Dan Shea and Rick Clarke (for it is they) were formerly members of The Longdrone Flowers, whose “She’s Strangehead Too” ep we released a couple of years back and Dan continues to be a member of SBR mainstays The Bordellos (not to mention recording solo as Neurotic Wreck, whose “Sandalfon” album we’ll be releasing later this year). The album was recorded largely by the estimable and indispensible Daniel Ankers, and extra musical muscle was provided by Jonny Peacock on drums and Mikie Daugherty (both out of off of Postcode).  Jonny managed to complete all his drum tracks in a single day despite never having heard any of the songs before, while Mikie did the same with his bass and guitar tracks.  Extra vocals were provided by Marie Reynolds (again, out of off of Postcode) and Mark Sayle, who narrates the closing track “The Staircase”.

Over the next year, Daniel and myself mixed, edited, added, subtracted and generally buffed up to a pristine sheen the 11 tracks.  Then we were finished.

And here it is.

I’d be proud of this record if it had been recorded in the sunniest of circumstances, but when I think of the times we did achieve it in, I’m frankly amazed. It’s available in the Bearshop as per and the CD version is, quite frankly, stunning.

“Emperor” by Vukovar



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