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May 31, 2014 - My Grandma was called May

…and May’s been a weird month for us this year.  The bad stuff hinted at below was the death of my (Phil) fantastic, nutty little Mum, which came really suddenly after a couple of weeks of up-and-down-where-the-hell-are-we kinda stuff, so that knocked everything for six – especially the release of ‘Fine Art…’ which kinda got overwhelmed with circumstances.

Real life sucks, sometimes.

Anyway, we’re moving onward and hopefully upwards with our most ambitious release schedule so far – FOUR releases launched on the same day.  May 31st.  Today.  Two from The Bordellos, one from longtime FOTB Matt Bouvier and one from SBR younglings Dog, paper, submarine.

They’re all available  in the Bearshop.  Obviously the downloads are ace, but the CD issues are really something else.  Beautiful sleeves and exclusive tracks and all that gubbins!

I’d have posted pictures of all the sleeves, but WordPress is being a dick.

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