Edinburgh Popfest
September 27, 2012 - Wahey! Look at the size of that, missus!

ZEBRANTHOLOGY.  46 Tracks.  Two discs.  Completely and painstakingly remastered.  Rafts of extra tracks and copious artwork.

It’s by far our biggest project yet – a labour of love and no mistake.  We spent weeks tracking down original uncompressed files from the Postcode archive and re-did everything from the ground up.  We’ve learnt a bit since they started recording seven years ago, and we’re pretty chuffed with the spit’n'polish we’ve been able to bring to the Zebranthology – the acoustic sessions have benefitted especially from the work we’ve put in.  During the archive trawl, Mikie even found a couple of demos recorded by the original 5-piece line-up.  You want the definitive Postcode?  You get it here!

Head over to our shop to pick up a copy – and this time we’ve got loads of deals available involving t-shirts and other groovy merch!

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