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April 30, 2012 - Onwards and upwards…

It’s been a while, but we’ve got a great excuse, honest.  We’re working flat out to finalise everything for our biggest project to date – a charity album consisting of local (Isle of Man) artists covering other Manx artists’ songs.  Anyhoo, it’s going to be released on May 21st, and we’ve posted up a sneaky preview of snippets of some of the tracks from it on Soundcloud.  Go and listen, if you want.  We’d love you to!

Oh, it’s here.

There’s also a bit of a blog about it here.

…and keep checking back, or nip on over to our facebook page - we’ve got loads of stuff coming up.  Sleeve notes are being written, archives raided, songs written, collaborations being arranged, studio time scheduled…

…oh, and we’ve done a bit of messing with the website, and all our artists now have their own pages, accessibly by a mere click from our Artists page (or by clicking on the word “Artists” just there.  Or even that one, as well)…

…it’s all go at SB towers.

Have a happy May!

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