Edinburgh Popfest
October 9, 2016 - We do believe in melonfarmers…

As any fule kno, we’ve been working with the magnificently other Bordellos for quite some time now, and we’re ultrachuffed to announce – today – in the middle of a world which is turning to shit faster than UKIP go through leaders – their new LP.  “How to Lose Friends and Influence No-One” is, in this writer’s humble opinion, their best and most cohesive work yet (yeh, even better than the one I produced).  Filled to the brim with their trademark scabrous rants and soft psychedelic whimsy it feels like the distillation of everything they’ve been working towards for the past couple of years. Music to think to, yes, but music to just flat-out adore.  in a world of drones, The Bordellos are the bee who should have been Queen.  Pick it up, as per, in The Bearshop

October 7, 2016 - We’re in trouble deep…


I’m just gonna run with what Mikie says in our press release for this one…couldn’t say it better

Formed in Malmö, Sweden by Martin Månsson Sjöstrand (vocals and guitar), Emil Engblom (bass) and Carolina Carlbom (drums and vocals), Dog, Paper, Submarine’s third Small Bear release may be their catchiest and most immediate yet. Recalling the sound of indie-rock’s golden era, the band have been favourably compared to the likes of Guided By Voices, Pavement and Sebadoh, whilst retaining a recognisable sonic identity of their own. Packing 8 songs into 20 minutes, ‘Trouble On Earth’ veers from propulsive, fuzzed-up rock to janglier, sometimes more downbeat fare, making unexpected detours but always packed with inviting melodies. Existing fans of the band (and frontman Martin’s lo-fi side project This Heel) will not be disappointed, as everything that has made previous releases great is present here, with enough fresh twists and turns to make this record a vital addition to their catalogue.

Obvs, as per…you can find it in the Bearshop.