Edinburgh Popfest
May 18, 2016 - Couldn’t think of any “52″ related puns. Then I thought of pirates. So here I go. Bear with me. “Hey, Blackbeard; how many releases do SBR have?” “Yarr…lemme see…I think there be 52…” See what I did there? B52? Yes? No? Ah. I’ll get m’coat…

Well, it’s been a busy weekend, recording Vukovar‘s third album, “Puritan” and releasing their second “Voyeurism“, entering into discussions with the fantastic Reptilians from Andromeda to release more stuff by them as well as working on getting this out – albeit two days late – for which we have to say “sorry” to the Guys (and Girl!).

Lovebomb are Lisa Bouvier, Matt and Frankie.  FOTB will recognise Matt as our very own Matt Bouvier, purveyor of a brand of Nordic widescreen pop we describe as “ecstatic misery” – showcased in the marvellous “Death and Love” – and from his regular appearances on our SBR Christmas compilations.  He’s always been a bit of a rocker at heart and so, Lovebomb.

Fans of classic Indie and regular visitors to Indietracks might recognise Lisa’s name from her involvement with bands like Lost Summer Kitten, The Flatmates, The Proctors and Stars in Coma among others.  She’s kinda like an Indie Emmylou…

And so here we are.

Ladies and gennulmen… Lovebomb!

May 15, 2016 - We’re in a state. It’s the 51st (yeh…a bit laboured, but there aren’t many “51″ related puns I can think of. It’s been a long weekend).

A year or so ago, three guys came to SBR Towers to record their second album.  After a year, here it is, and it’s every bit what we’d hoped it would be.  Ladies and Gentlemen…we give you  Voyeurism by Vukovar

May 2, 2016 - OH NO! IT’S THE FIVE-OH!

In February 2012, a wee album by Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed was released by a new label called Small Bear Records (them – up there at the top of the page. The ones with the balloons). We had no idea where we were going with this (still don’t), but for those of you who would prefer the tr;dl version, we’ve just reached our 50th release.

Yep. 50. We’ve worked with people from all around the world (and Wigan), many of whom have become firm friends. It’s been a ride. And we’re not finished yet. We’ve got some corkers coming up this year…

But back to our 50th: We’ve known Matt Kelly since he was about 12. In that time, he’s become a truly amazing guitarist and mandolininininist, working mainly instrumentally in folky circles (playing both on the Isle of Man and at Interceltic festivals all over the Celtic world). Recently, though, he started writing and singing songs; warm-hearted slice-of-life vignettes about the places he’s been and people he’s observed. We’re so chuffed that, of all the people we know, it’s Matt’s debut album as a songwriter which has become this landmark release for us (the lovely artwork was done by the rather smashing Alice Quayle, in case you were asking, which you very much should have been).  There’s a live video for “Ralph Lauren Loves Karen Millen“, the album’s opener on our Youtube channel, here, recorded in the living room at Small Bear House.

So, here it is – available, as per, in The BearshopThe Matt Kelly Half Hour