Edinburgh Popfest
March 11, 2015 - New Year’s Day…is three months away…

Sorry for that, we – I – have been more than lax about keeping the site updated.

So – we’re still here, still functioning, and gearing up for maybe our biggest year yet.  Since the last update, we’ve released material by Nanaki (Mikie from out of off of Postcode), This Heel (Martin from out of off of DPS), Clara Barker (of Clara Barker fame),  a split release by Noo Joisey’s finest  (Schizo Fun Addict) and St Helens’ weirdest (The Bordellos), Postcode’s follow-up to their fantastic Year Of The Zebra Part One and our debut release from Malmö’s own Club K. There’s lots more to come and I promise we’ll keep you updated and informed.  Pinkie swear.

Nanaki‘s offering - The Dying Light - is their first official full-length release, following on sonically and thematically from their very well received Afterlight e.p. and develops on the themes and sounds set out in that record.  By turns gentle, roaring, raging and soporific it’s his most solid piece of work to date.  There’s a video for the track “The Land Surveyor” HERE.

This Heel is Martin Mansson Sjöstrand from Dog Paper Submarine. His debut solo e.p., it’s a slice of undeniably lo-fi fabness very much in the vein of DPS, but with an added lump of, say, GbV or Pavement.  It’s short, but essential.

Clara Barker has been a FOTB for ages now, and we were chuffed to be able to release her fantastic sophomore LP Fine Art & The Breslins last year.  Now we’re equally as chuffed to be able to re-release her debut LP, Indigo, slightly buffed-up and with an extra track.  If you treasure lyrical honesty, humour and tunes to die for, this is an album you’ve got to hear.

We’ve been discussing a release by Club K for quite a while now, and this has finally come to fruition in the form of the, frankly wonderful, Let M Shake; an album of essential jazz-tinged indie.  It seems there’s something of a Malmö sound, because it’s a record (yes – I said record, more of that later) which shares an undoubted mitochondrial link to fellow Malmönians (?) DPS – jagged-but-melodic fuzztones and raucous pop energy and – well – just a general off-kilter wonkiness which makes their music somehow so much easier to fall in love with.  And it’s available on vinyl.  Did I mention that?  Twelve inches of glorious black plastic.  You can get it directly from teh band – check out the Bandcamp page to find out how.  CDs or downloads are available from us in the usual way, but you know it’s the vinyl you really want.  Go on, treat yerself.

Postcode‘s Year Of The Zebra – Part Two is the follow up to the similarly-named Part One (duh…) and is the somewhat  darker yang to the earlier releases’s yin.  If you want a taster, you’ll find videos for a couple of the tracks HERE and HERE. This promises to be the last set of recordings they make as a two-piece before they return with a full-band LP later in the year.  There might only be two of them, but trust me – this e.p. doesn’t want for anything:  It’s powerful, moody, vicious and epic.  You need this in your life.

The Schizo Fun Addict/Bordellos split e.p. serves as a taster for the forthcoming – and very exciting – charity cassette release we’re doing later this year.  Yep.  Cassette.  And that’s not the only one o’them you’ll be seeing from us!  But back to this e.p. – it’s already been very well reviewed and guess what?  It’s free.  So what are you waiting for?

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