Edinburgh Popfest
September 22, 2014 - End of part one…

…comes after the final track on our latest (27th!) release – Postcode‘s “Year Of the Zebra – Part One“.  Part two will follow in the coming months.  Another storming set from our ungulant-obsessed popcore noiseniks, which is trailed with THIS VIDEO

As per, you can find it in the Bearshop wherein it’s available as a pay-what-you-want download or as a (frankly lovely) handmade CD which, again as per, contains a bonus track only available on the physical release.

September 3, 2014 - Still here!

Yep.  The Bear is still here!  We’ve been – as you know – all over the place this year, but we’re getting back on track.  Next week should, hopefully, see two new SBR releases.  Excited, huh? We are!

These two are a little bit different, though, in that they’re retrospective compilations.  We’ve done a couple in the past from our own archives, and we thought it may be time to revisit the idea.  One features everything released by the very wonderful Blackberry Wine (the solo nom-de-guerre of Rachel Queen) wistful, pastoral storytelling with a surprising kick and gentle humour.  It’s gonna come in a hugely pretty little physical package which, frankly, takes us an age to put together.  Full-on loveliness ahoy!

The next album is a little bit different.  Simon Pott has been releasing his analogue soundscapes under the name isvisible for a wee while now, and we thought it’d be nice for there to be a sort of  ”An intro to…” out there, to help potential listeners gain an idea of what he’s about before they wade into the 17 (yes! 17!) albums he’s released.  Sort of an amuse-bouche, if you will…of course, Simon being Simon, they’re not just straight reissues of the original tracks, but remixed, remastered, re-edited or re-eq’d versions of the originals exclusive to this compilation.  isvisible’s music is difficult to describe – from burbling sonic collage to almost pop via hypnotic drones and squelches.  Turn on, tune in and bliss out.

And there’s a LOT more coming over the next few months – new releases from Postcode, The Neropolis Felines and  Dog, paper, submarine as well as  storming stuff from new members of the SBR family Club K (yet another Scandinavian band!), Skyline Advantage, the Salient Braves, Am Fangle and a joint cassette release from Schizo Fun Addict and the Bordellos.

Like I said, loads.

Eyes and ears, guys, eyes and ears.