Edinburgh Popfest
September 27, 2013 - Take a look around…

…and find our latest release!

It’s a compilation by Stoliday, the indiepop project of Phil of Dearly Departed fame, Marie and Mikie out of off of Postcode and Martin.  They had one e.p. released by Cloudberry Records (then of Florida, now of New York) in 2007 and have recorded other bits and bobs sporadically.  We like it, so we thought we’d just put it out there.  we hope you like it, too.  to find out, just nip over to out SHOP and snap it up for free!

September 3, 2013 - All the fun of the living room….

If you go to here, you can see our very own Veto playing a stripped-down version of the devotional epic “My Heart To Joy”, featured in its original form on their debut ep “Broadway“, available as a digital download or beautiful 12″ white vinyl ep in our shop, here.  the video also features some stellar Casio-and-drum work from our very own Phil (of Dearly Departed fame).

So, what else have we got for you?

Well, October should see our debut release from the very wonderful Longdrone Flowers (featuring Dan from The Bordellos) which we’re looking forward to.  They’re not keen on the word “psychedelic” as a descriptor, but we’d beg to differ…

Work is also still progressing on Clara Barker‘s sophomore album (her first with us, following her gorgeous debut “Indigo“) which we’re hoping to have out before the end of the year, as it is on The Bordellos‘ magnificent and unhinged “Will.I.am you’re really nothing” set.  More berserkoid St Helens lunacy for sure.  8 to Infinity‘s first SBR release is pretty close to completion, too – glorious, glossy synthpop with one eye on Eurovision (seriously!).

And that’s not all.  Keep yr eyes peeled for our inevitable Christmas album (last year’s is here and free!) and many more SBR goodies, and keep checking our very own YouTube channel for more Small Bear Session footage and Promo videos.

Finally, all of us at SBR send our condolences and biggest hugs to Postcode’s newest member Kieran Ball, who lost his mum last week after a battle with cancer.  We’re all thinking of you, fella.