Edinburgh Popfest
April 14, 2013 - A night to remember…

…because it’s the night before our twelfth release.  Yep.  Twelve.

This wee gem comes to you courtesy of Mr John Smiley, who’s given us four slices of acoustic loveliness.  John’s been a regular at gigs and open mic nights on the Isle of Man for many years as a performer and a supporter.  He generally plays covers, so the idea of him making a record seemed a bit far-fetched until he mentioned that some of the songs in his set we liked were written by friends of his, so we thought “hmm…”.

So here it is.

Two songs by Canadian singer-songwriters and two by Isle of Man based Chris Gray.  Simple, stripped-down acousticness.  It’s pretty much John in a bottle.


April 8, 2013 - Stay down, Margaret…

Following today’s news, Small Bear Records would like to offer our deepest sympathies to all who had their lives, families, hopes and dreams destroyed by the Thatcher Government.

the world is a better place for the passing of this evil, evil woman.

- What’s going ahn?


What’s happenin’ with The Bear?

We gots a bit of news and some updates for you, so hold on to yr seats!

Our April release this year, we’re chuffed to say, is the debut  release from our very own tame Canuck, Mr John Smiley.  Called “Party of one”, it’s a four track EP slated for release on the 15th of April, to coincide with the 101st anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Continuing with this theme, our May release is a reissue of the – frankly barking – sole LP by mentalist noiseniks  GoGo Yubari, “The yes yes sound of Gogo Yubari”.  Release date is may 6th, the 76th anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster. There’ll be a fuller explanation of the circumstances behind this piece of over-distorted, shouty lunacy up on The Small Blog soon, not to mention some very, very cool packaging for the physical release…

What else?

Hopefully, June will see the release of the much-anticipated debut mini-LP by Isle of Man based anthemic ultrapopsters Veto.  If epic, sweeping grandeur and soul-searching literate declamations are your thing, then this is for you.  Seriously, you’ll love it.  Think Frightened Rabbit, Doves, Areogramme and all sorts of sighing, swooping loveliness.  We’re aiming for a June 30 release – the 105th anniversary of the Tunguska event.

That will lead us on, hopefully, to July’s release which – we’re really, really stoked to announce – will be our second release by the mighty, mighty Bordellos.  This will be the “Will.I.am you’re really nothing” EP, currently being mixed here at Small Bear Studios (aka “Oatsey’s Peg”).  It’s another corker from the St Helens based crazies, and will be accompanied, if things work out, by a pretty special physical release.  Watch this space.

Anyhoo, there’s cornflakes to eat and Jezza Kyle to watch, so it’s TTFN from all at the Bear.