Edinburgh Popfest
August 17, 2012 - Zebranthology!

Well, artwork’s approved, discs have been thoroughly remastered and are off to the pressing plant, and they’re gonna try their best to get the finished product to us in time for next Friday!

Postcode’s Zebranthology – a 46-track double CD comprising their crushingly rare first three albums (previously only available on very limited-edition handmade CDs – future ebay rarities ahoy!) plus a whole raft of extras hitherto pretty much unheard by anyone whatsoever, including two demos made with the original lineup of the band.  The whole shebang’s been completely and painstakingly (believe me – we spent hours hunched over a hot computer…) remastered and will be available for your listening pleasure very soon indeed!

August 4, 2012 - It’s time to meet The Bordellos!

So, on Monday 6th August, we release our sixth baby into the wild.  It’s a 5 track ep by Liverpool band The Bordellos, featuring four tracks by them plus a remix by our very own Small Bear Logarithmic Descent Ensemble.

There’s even a (soon-to-be-classic) demented video for the lead track, which you can find here.  We like it a lot!  Nip over to our shop on the 6th to find out how to pick a copy up!