Edinburgh Popfest
July 21, 2012 - My, haven’t you been quiet?

…you might well say,

So, what’s been going on at Small Bear Towers?

Well, our first signings are due to release their first EP on the 6th of August.  They’re the Bordellos, and they’re from Liverpool.  God only knows how they found us, but they did and asked us whether we’d be interested in releasing an e.p. based on the fact they’d written a track called “Bring me the head of Justin Bieber”.  It’s a deranged, lunatic lo-fi fuzzfest, so we said “yeah!”.  So now we have a four-track e.p. coming out with an actual real-life, honest-to-goodness video, too!  So that’s the 6th August.  And it’s ace!

What else?  Recording’s finished on John Smiley’s “Party of one” e.p. John’s been around on the Isle of Man gig scene for ages, and he’s a good pal, but the problem was that he generally plays covers.  So we’ve got him doing a couple of songs written by old schoolfriends back in Canada and another couple by local songsmith Chris Gray.  Who paid me back the tenner he owed me.  Which was nice.  Just a bit of mixing and fine-tuning (not much, because it’s pretty stripped-down stuff), and we’ll be ready to go.

…and there’s more.

We’ve been hard at work mastering what promises to be our flagship release, the unreasonably massive Postcode anthology which consists of their cripplingly rare first three LPs, plus a raft of superb and genuinely exciting extras which Mikie out of off of Postcode found in his sock drawer, or something.  It’s a big project, but things are moving on very satisfactorily.

…and that’s not all!

Currently in the studio, being recorded by Phil of Dearly Departed fame are local cake-rockers and dealers in sonic cathedrals of gubbins Veto.  They’re a (mostly) young four-piece specialising in emotional and inspirational sooundscapey alt-pop.  And they like Frightened Rabbit a lot.  No release date as yet, but we’re right in the middle of tracking, so we’ll keep you up to speed.

And we’re planning a Christmas e.p., too.

Oh, and keep an eye out for some intriguing little guerrilla releases which will be popping up from time to time.  We’ve got (at least) two coming your way pretty damn soon!