Edinburgh Popfest
February 21, 2012 - Our first review!

…for “Where’s the matter”.

Only one word, but that word is “Amazing”.  Find it here.

February 19, 2012 - Can we haz blog?


- Now we are two!

As of right now, it’s here:  Our second release!

You can find details of how to get it over in our shop.  Go there.  Pretty please.

It’s been a labour of love, getting this thing together, and as well as the downloadable tracks and the opportunity to pick up some seriously limited 12″ vinyl, there is artwork and pictures galore, not to mention a pretty involved bio.  All of these goodies fly magically down your interpipes while you’re downloading the musics.  As will most future SBR releases, we’re selling it on a “pay-what-you -want” basis, so be kind to us!


February 17, 2012 - Updates and that…

…well, the Suicide Highlife comp has been delayed for a couple of reasons, but they’re good ones.  We’re adding a couple of tracks to the release from Slaughterhaus 5, the band Ronnie, Phil & Guy were in before Suicide Highlife,  we’ve added copies of the McCarthyville insert to the download and have just discovered a photo album containing shots of the recording of the single in 1988!  Much scannage ahoy.

In further news, recording is ongoing for our charidee epic and we start mastering our fourth or fifth release tonight.  No rest at Small Bear Towers.

Have a good weekend.


February 4, 2012 - More beary activity


So, we’re currently in the midst of recording tracks for our third release.  Go us!  It’s a project we’ve had in mind for a fair while now, and we’re pretty excited.   It’ll be for a thoroughly excellent cause which will hopefully raise lots for them and pay us plenty in warm fuzzies!  Due to be released in March / April, so keep yr eyes peeled.