Edinburgh Popfest
January 28, 2012 - Second release on the way!

Well, the mastering and artwork has been finalised for our Suicide Highlife retrospective “Where’s the matter”.  All being well, it’ll be released for download on 14th Feb.  Yup, Valentine’s Day!

January 15, 2012 - Onwards and upwards!

Inspired by a text message this morning, and hot on the heels of  the debut release from Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed http://philandthedead.bandcamp.com/ (see our “Artists” page) Small Bear’s second release is already in the planning stages and should be available very soon.  It’s an archival release, dedicated to the work of seminal Isle of Man band Suicide Highlife and will be available in two forms – one as a download featuring all tracks from their 1988 single “McCarthyville” plus demos and an outtake from the session for the single, and the other featuring the download PLUS a copy of the “McCarthyville” 12″ vinyl single.  Yumtious!

January 14, 2012 - On my radio…

Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed are due to be featured on Simon Campbell and Ed Oldham’s show on Manx Radio at 6pm tonight.  They’ll be playing Phil alongside various other local artists.


- Phil and the Dead – If my feet were fingers…

Just a quickie (oo-er, missus…) to say “Hi” to the world.  We haven’t filled the website with content and stuff yet (although it’s looking pretty damn fine thanks to our awesome webmistress!), so  this is just a note to let you, intrepid traveller into the wilds of teh interweb, know that the debut album by Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed “If my feet were fingers, I’d stab you in the eye” is available to buy from Bandcamp as a download or a rather nifty physical CD – follow this link for Dearly Departed goodness:  http://philandthedead.bandcamp.com/