Edinburgh Popfest
August 7, 2020 - Slack but still here.

It’s pretty embarrassing to think how we’ve let people down. Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes circumstances conspire. Doesn’t make it right. But, yeah. We’re still here and, for what it’s worth, we’re sorry.

But on with the show.

A new release!

Focus” is the debut single from Sacramento’s Dusty Miller, a band built around the daughter/father duo of Eden and Jim Rivas alongside Cameron Lawson and Julian Sharwarko (plus Jim’s cohort from the mighty Rocketship, Dusty Reske, on keys). It’s a beautiful slice of bossanova-tinged summer pop (for the summer that wasn’t), and we love it to bits. Some light for these dark times. As ever, you can find it in the Bearshop. You know where to look.

There’s a rather lovely video you can watch here. You really should, it’s ace.

We’ve also recently released “Slippery Satellites” the final album by the superb, wonderful, lovely and very, very patient Dog Paper Submarine. It’s been a privilege to work with Martin, Carolina and Emil. We love them forever. If you haven’t heard them yet, do. You’ll thank us. A manic blast of raving pop fun from beginning to end. Takk.

Bear with us.

November 23, 2018 - Been a while, hasn’t it?

Er, yeah.  Sorry about that.  Sometimes, life doesn’t just give you lemons, it gives you mouldy lemons with all shit on.  Anyhoo.  Fuck ‘em.  We’re back with lemonade.  Loads of stuff to tell you about.  The first is a the debut release by a new member of the SBR family, Mr Simon Waldram.  Simon’s been active around Nottingham for a fair while now and, well, here’s a bit of info about him from the press release – including a wee quote from the almighty Kevin Hewick!  If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is!

Simon Waldram is an East Midlands songwriter and musician whose numerous releases on various labels over the past 10 years straddle manys genres including psych-folk, indie pop, hardcore punk, ambient and experimental music.

Life’s Forgotten Dream is out November on 24th and features Derby singer-songwriter Emzae on additional vocals. It had its first radio playing on BBC Introducing in the East Midlands on the 27th October. The single also features a remix of the track by Many Elephants.

Life’s Forgotten Dream is the first single from the album Into the Blue, which will be released by Small Bear Records in January 2019. As well as a digital release Into the Blue will also be available as a limited edition CD featuring a bonus track, an extra mini-CD featuring a joint live gig with Emzae and a fanzine.

Simon Waldram can evoke the most calmest acoustic pastoralism this side of Roger Water’s ‘Grantchester Meadows’ yet he has an experimental edge and radical punk ethos that makes him more than just a man and a guitar even when he is ‘just’ a man and a guitar. Prolific, and with an impressive amount of music already released in his name, Waldram is a fascinating and unique figure on the alternative music scene.” – Kevin Hewick

The single’s a beautiful; slice of woozy, pastoral psychedelia.  We love it, and hope you will, too.

March 15, 2018 - The Debt Sound from way out.

So, here we are.  Our third full-length release from The Bordellos.  I’ll let Brian explain…

“The idea behind the LP was to get back to basics, so I set down these ground rules:

1. All recorded on old tape 4 track, using microphones and recording equipment bought from pound shops and cash convertors for under £5.
2. All tracks recorded on 4 tracks only no overdubs
3. All vocal tracks would be first take only even if disaster struck whilst recording ,so a lot of these songs have only ever been sang once.
4. All songs recorded would have been written that week . so the rest of the band would never have heard them before recording.
5. every song started would be completed that night so no going back.

It was recorded over 10 consecutive Friday nights during that 10 weeks. There were two romantic break ups (the two ex girlfriends actually sang on some of the tracks to add to the spice), and only just before the start a marriage had also broken up. There was lots of alcohol consumed lots of madness. It is the sound of four people going out of their minds , Looking back, I wonder how Dan managed as he only turned 17 during the recording of this lp, but his teenage angst mixed with our midlife crises made for a very dark work of art. This was supposed to be our third Brutarian Records release, but a label that boasted in its bumph as releasing uncommercial uncompromising music refused to release it as it was too uncompromising and uncommercial. I have very fond memories of this LP; recording it was an experience that was only matched in madness when recording our ‘Ronco Revival Sound’ LP.

Please sit back and enjoy.

Brian. ”

March 2, 2018 - It’s been a long year already…

…since we released ‘White Claw‘ by Phil Reynolds and the Uncertain Futures.  To some pretty decent reviews, as it happens.  Which was nice.  Apart from tat, we’ve kinda dropped the ball a bit, which wasn’t fair on anybody.  All we can do is sincerely apologise to anybody we’ve pissed off.  This year we’re gonna be back and better.  We’ve already released, so far in 2018, Nanaki’s ‘Epilogue’ album, Circus worlD’s ‘The Deciever’ E.P., (which features this track, ‘High’, as the lead single),  Matt Kelly’s sophomore album, ‘Time For Matt Kelly’ and today sees the release of a new single by Phil Reynolds and (this time) The Big Day Out.  A driven slab of indiepoprock called “When It Hits“.

There’s loads more to come, including a lot more of our patented Small Bear Sessions (THIS sort of thing…), not to mention the release of The Bordellos’ third L.P. with us, ‘Debt Sounds’, which is out in a couple of weeks.  Keep yr eyes peeled.  We’re back and promise that we want to be better than ever!

December 13, 2017 - Just ‘cos we’re quiet don’t mean we don’t care


Sorry we’ve been quiet.  I know, I know, we’ve let things slip this year. And that sucks, I know.  Next year,though, we’re gonna be on it.  Promise.  Pinkie-promise.  For now, though, how about this…our new Christmas offering.  Thirteen tracks from artists from the Small Bear Stable and beyond (do bears have stables?  I thought there was something about the woods…).  We’re chuffed as chips to be able to offer you this, as we think it’s ace.  Don’t pay for it; it’s a free download, but why not sling the couple of quid you would have spent on it to a homeless charity or a refugee charity or something. Hope not Hate are lovely, as are Refugee Action.  Or just stick a couple of quid in the charity box at yer local shop.

Hope you have a great festive season and it just remains for everybody here at SBR Towers to wish you a merry, merry Christmas.  Have fun.  Be nice.


June 14, 2017 - Been a while, hasn’t it?

Jeez.  Didn’t realise just how long. Sorry about that.  How’ve you been? How’s wossname?  You know – the one with the face?  Did you get that weird smell from under the sink sorted?  Anyhoo, here we are.  Been a weird wee while here at SBR towers.  To be honest, six months ago, we were seriously considering jacking the whole thing in, because there’s only so much pissing-in-the-wind a person can do before they go mad. We’ve been working with all these amazing bands and musicians – they’ve entrusted their art to us – and for what?  Some great reviews, sure, but bugger-all else.  We think every one of them should be headlining Glastonbury , receiving seven figure advances and collaborating with Kanye, so when we see anything less happening then it’s fucking heartbreaking.  Just looking back at this page, we didn’t even bother announcing the EP Phil Reynolds released on his 50th birthday (depressing, eh?  But at least it, raised a nice bit of money for the very wonderful folks at Refugee Action check ‘em out; donate).

But enough of our crisis of millennial confidence.  We’re back.  And we’re back in the bestest of ways.  Back with Dog Papaer SubmarineYou know – and ew know – that they’re awesome.  So go and listen.  Posthuman melodies is their fourth time working with us at SBR and, in our humble opinion, it’s their best record yet.  According To Martin Mansion Sjostrand, it’s a futuristic rock opera, recorded on a cassette portastudio.  Seems concepts are big at SBR this year.  But you NEED NEED NEED to hear this.  It’s fantastic.  And, quite frankly, considering it was recorded on a Portastudio, it sounds amazing.  Which would count for sod all if the songs weren’t good.  But Jeez, they are.
So, Posthuman Melodies by Dog Paper Submarine.  Go gettit!

January 31, 2017 - Why do we fight?

We fight because the world’s going to hell in a handcart, because ignorance is the new knowledge, because hate is, well…it’s still hate, but there seems to be more of it.  We made this a couple of years ago, and it felt like the time to get it out there.  It’s the music this fucked-up world deserves. As per,  you can buy it if you want, but please instead consider donating to these guys.



October 9, 2016 - We do believe in melonfarmers…

As any fule kno, we’ve been working with the magnificently other Bordellos for quite some time now, and we’re ultrachuffed to announce – today – in the middle of a world which is turning to shit faster than UKIP go through leaders – their new LP.  “How to Lose Friends and Influence No-One” is, in this writer’s humble opinion, their best and most cohesive work yet (yeh, even better than the one I produced).  Filled to the brim with their trademark scabrous rants and soft psychedelic whimsy it feels like the distillation of everything they’ve been working towards for the past couple of years. Music to think to, yes, but music to just flat-out adore.  in a world of drones, The Bordellos are the bee who should have been Queen.  Pick it up, as per, in The Bearshop

October 7, 2016 - We’re in trouble deep…


I’m just gonna run with what Mikie says in our press release for this one…couldn’t say it better

Formed in Malmö, Sweden by Martin Månsson Sjöstrand (vocals and guitar), Emil Engblom (bass) and Carolina Carlbom (drums and vocals), Dog, Paper, Submarine’s third Small Bear release may be their catchiest and most immediate yet. Recalling the sound of indie-rock’s golden era, the band have been favourably compared to the likes of Guided By Voices, Pavement and Sebadoh, whilst retaining a recognisable sonic identity of their own. Packing 8 songs into 20 minutes, ‘Trouble On Earth’ veers from propulsive, fuzzed-up rock to janglier, sometimes more downbeat fare, making unexpected detours but always packed with inviting melodies. Existing fans of the band (and frontman Martin’s lo-fi side project This Heel) will not be disappointed, as everything that has made previous releases great is present here, with enough fresh twists and turns to make this record a vital addition to their catalogue.

Obvs, as per…you can find it in the Bearshop.

August 8, 2016 - Phew…that was worrying…

Lost our login details there, for a while.  Luckily, our fantastic webmistress sorted us out.  Wahey!

Anyhoo, we gots a new rekkid out. ‘World Outside My Window‘ is the debut album from Steve Nash, longtime pal of all of us here at SBR. Initially conceived as a gentle acoustic outing, it kinda grew legs and ran away from us in the studio. It’s still pretty gentle and mellow – don’t expect any Merzbow-esque noisefests.  We’ve talked about “Noshie” putting an album together for many years, usually after many pints and, well, here we are. It’s available on Bandcamp (and if you really love yr artist, you should buy it from here. as almost all the money goes to the artist), but it’s also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer and all the rest.

Already describeed by the lovely Floorshime Zipper Boots as “smooth, stylish and catchy” with “mellow arrangements (and)  intimate vocals” you can get it from The Bearshop  as per…


The CDs are lovely, by the way…